April 19, 2016:

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to travel to Dublin. Dublin is such a lively and fun city. Our group arrived and walked to the Guinness Factory. I was so impressed at how big and how much there was to do. We spent around 4 hours learning about Guinness. Included in admission was free taste testing along with an opportunity to learn how to pour the perfect pint. After the tour, we went exploring through the temple bar area. There were live bands and the streets were bustling. We also stopped at the Dublin Castle which was absolutely beautiful. Definitely a must see of Ireland!

Ball 1 Ball 2Ball 3 Mourne Mountains 2Mourne Mountains

March 27, 2016:

Today we made the journey to the tallest point in Northern Ireland: Mourne Mountains. We stopped around the Newcastle area for a bit of coffee, snacks, and the view. Now, these are no Montana or California mountains, but they were still a spectacular sight. The rain and wind stopped us from climbing the mountain, but I will be returning in a few weeks to make the trek to the top. While exploring Newcastle, we came across this massive silver ball. I was then informed that many tourists climb on top of it for pictures, so I of course had to do it.


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March 26, 2016:

Today we traveled to Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge. It’s a famous rope bridge that connects the main land to a small island that was previously used for fishing. The bridge is 65 feet long and around 100 feet above the rocks and water. Thrilling does not even explain what it felt like. The island was hilly, rocky, and wet. Many people were slipping near the edges of the cliffs. I was not shy at all about climbing all over this island. It was a lot of fun and such a beautiful sight.


Our next stop was the Giant’s Causeway, and might I add, it was BEAUTIFUL. It began to storm while we were there, so I could not take many pictures. The geographical history of this piece of land is so interesting. It was easy to see the rich history in the formation of the land. Anyone that travels to Northern Ireland should stop and see this piece of artwork.


The final stop of the day was at The Dark Hedges. Many people do not know about this beautiful spot. It is a road near the Giant’s Causeway that is lined with flowing beech trees. Definitely another piece of Northern Ireland’s masterpiece.