Food and Drink

March 29, 2016:

Being able to indulge in a variety of food and drink that has been offered to me has been amazing. Unlike the states, the food here does not feel heavy or greasy. It tastes natural and the flavors are more distinct. There has not been a dish that I did not enjoy. One downside is that they do not have peanut butter here. I went to the store looking for some and only found bottles of Nutella. A disappointment, but at least I have other sweets to indulge in. Ice cream tastes different here. It is creamier, but still tastes wonderful. Before coming over here, I had the impression that everyone drank a lot of tea. While they do drink a lot of tea, they also drink a lot of coffee. I asked one of my Belfast friends how many cups of tea or coffee he has each day, and he said on average about 7. This cultural aspect was clear to me since the day I got off the plane. Anywhere I go, I am offered tea or coffee. It’s a refreshing and relaxing past time that I do not want to leave behind.


March 28, 2016:

The past week we have been without dining service, so we have been going out for brunch and dinner almost every day. Today we went for brunch at Cafe Conor . This cafe used to be the art studio of William Conor. He was a Belfast painter who depicted the working class in Northern Ireland, and during World War 1 he was commissioned as a war painter. The cafe is small but cozy. The ceiling has glass, almost like a greenhouse would. William Conor’s paintings are hung all around the restaurant. I ordered the eggs benedict, and it was one of the best benedict I have ever had. Instead of ham they used bacon, which made the flavors of the eggs and hollandaise sauce stand out.  It was a unique experience and I would recommend it to anyone that visits Belfast!


March 26, 2016:

Finally had fish and chips since leaving the States at a place called the Nook by the Giant’s Causeway. I was expecting more than one piece of fish, but instead they give you one big piece (it’s bigger than it appears). The fish was so soft and fresh tasting. For once, I did not feel like I was going to have a heart attack from the grease of the breading. The weather was atrocious, so I needed something warm to make everything right. Had my first true Irish coffee, and I loved it!

Sinnamon Sinnamon 2

March 25, 2016:

There are a plethora of cafes around Belfast. It is a very popular past time for relaxing with a cup of tea or coffee. This morning we went to Sinnamon. The ambience was comfortable and modern. They had a wide selection of baked goods and specialty coffee. I was extremely pleased with this cafe, and I can’t wait to explore more!

honest pizza

March 24, 2016:

The past few days we have been without dinner service. We walked down the road and found Honest Pizza Company. It’s a modern pizza spot with many unique Irish options. The pizza was extremely fresh, and we could see them cutting the ingredients in front of us. The Honest Pizza Company was not as greasy as the pizza in the USA. Very happy with this experience.



March 23, 2016:

When arriving in Belfast, I was curious as to what type of food would be popular here. I asked the locals and was surprised to hear that one of the best types of food was Mexican. Last night, the group and I were walking around and found a restaurant called Birdcage. We were skeptical about eating there, but we took the risk. It ended up being the best food we have had so far! The tacos were extremely good. The owner came up to talk to us. He was extremely friendly and ended up buying us a round of drinks. Definitely going back soon!